Two great reviews for Doo-Wop Dreams!

The following two five-star reviews have been made recently on Amazon for Doo-Wop Dreams.

Bob T. wrote, on December 27, 2015:

I grew up in this part of the Bronx in the 1950’s and as the author states in the forward, “In this place and time there was a lot of pressure to be nobody”. We were never told about life and what one had to do to get ahead. You lived from day to day.

The story portrays through poverty, teenage gangs, mafia crime bosses and sex how it was in the Bronx during those times. From all of this Mr. Carter depicts how a group of teenage Doo-Wop singers strive to make music their escape from the futility of the Bronx environment.

The book is a page turner with excitement throughout. A sociologist would learn a great deal from reading this book because he would see what this area was like in those days and probably how it is reflected in some of our poorer areas today.

Jmalecki wrote, on January 9, 2016:

E.N.J. Carter keeps writing one book after another that open up very specific worlds with great realism. “Doo-Wop Dreams” is the latest, and this time he depicts the 1950’s Bronx in a way that really takes you there. Part coming-of-age story, part mob drama, part illumination of the early days of the rock music industry, Carter presents a world that’s gone forever and, as the plot and characters deepen, you realize that’s both a good and a bad thing. It was a tough neighborhood where little remained untouched by violence, ethnic animosity, and a certain suffocating hopelessness. What a young group of singers have to do to break free — and bring to their neighborhood a ray of hope it desperately needs — makes for fascinating reading. There are so many scenes that spring to life through well-chosen details, you not only get to know and understand the characters but also the “zeitgeist” of the era. If you’re at all familiar with the songs and records Carter references from time to time, you get a special bonus…just seeing the titles brought the great studio sounds of the 50s back to me and added a wonderful dimension to the story. Obviously, I recommend this book highly.

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