The Sam Wainwright President Series

The Sam Wainwright President Series, by E.N.J. Carter, currently consists of four books:

The Other President Book CoverThe Other President (Book 1)

The backup plan to protect the President from terrorists overrunning the White House grounds has worked too well. Presumed dead, the President is now running for his life; hunted like an animal by professional killers

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The Elusive President Book CoverThe Elusive President (Book 2)

The Elusive President is the sequel to The Other President. As he leaves the presidency Sam Wainwright declines Secret Service protection, and conceals his identity, as the mob, and political extremists, try to hunt him down.

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The Angry President Book CoverThe Angry President (Book 3)

The Angry President is the sequel to The Elusive President. Sam Wainwright, the former President of the United States, hoping to conceal his identity and enjoy life with the woman he plans to marry, is tracked down by the mob and political extremists, only this time they’re in for a surprise.

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The Heartbroken President Book CoverThe Heartbroken President (Book 4)

Distraught from personal loss, former President Sam Wainwright visits Ireland to find out more about his mother’s family only to become the target of terrorists.

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